This page is here to inform you of the many services that I provide. Prices vary on size of table, Is it a ball returns or leather drop pockets, what type of cloth you would like slower or faster cloth, has there been any damage to the table (Water damage or lifting of the table), slate shifting, does the ball hop when you shoot the length , and hard rubber, does the ball stop when you hit a rail. There are quite a few things that can go wrong with the table that are not seen when you look on the top. Most damages can be repaired, and how far do you wish to go.
New and used set-ups with a new cloth or the old one (Depending if it was taken down properly).
Moving to a new house (within about 50m of Kenosha Wi.), or preparing it for a long distant move.
Moving the table to a new part of the house or laying in a new carpet. I break it down and rebuild it at your spot.
Putting a new felt or cloth on your table.
New rubber on your rails so you have the proper bounce.
Antique tables can be restored to a good working table, but depending on damage and replacement parts it could become a costly item.
All quotes are done up front so you have the choice of having it done or not.
I do stand behind my work. As I go through a table I would point out the damages so we can determine the course of action.
I do more repairs and services then mentioned on this page. You would need to call or e-mail me for more information.

Service, Repairs, and Pricing Call at any time and leave voicemail